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Since 2001, I've been providing photography and video creative services to clients in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond, combining a lifetime passion of photography and filmmaking with a diverse background in advertising, design, and brand marketing. My regular clients include advertising agencies, print and online magazines, non-profit organizations, and local and national brands.

As a filmmaker, I bring experience across multiple genres from documentaries, corporate films, nonprofit promotions, and commercials. I'm always looking for great people to work, with and available to bring your project to life as a Photographer, Director of Photography, Editor, and Director.

Please browse through my website and see just a few samples of my work. You can reach me anytime by email at chris@cconstantine.com, or on my cell at 415.902.3565.

©Chris Constantine 2017 • 32 Roundtree Blvd, San Rafael, CA 94903 • Tel: 415.902.3565