Drawing on a lifetime of experience in photography and filmmaking, Chris Constantine provides professional photography services for San Francisco Bay Area individuals, businesses, advertising and talent agencies, non-profit organizations, models, and sports teams. He provides services to the entire Bay Area, including Marin, San Francisco, Oakland, Santa Rosa, the Peninsula, and San Jose.  He also works with clients in several Bay Area photography studios or, more frequently, on location where he can either take advantage of the natural light and the beauty of the Bay Area. He’s also spent time on the road, photographing people, places, and events across the U.S., including Boston, Orlando, Chicago, and Seattle, to name a few.One of the keys to great photography is the quality of lighting (after all, the word “photography” was created from the Greek roots phōtos (light) and graphé, together meaning “drawing with light”).
For those times when adequate lighting is not available on location, Chris travels with top-of-the-line professional studio-quality 
So far this year, Chris has covered 11 conventions and events in the San Francisco area, ranging in size from a few dozen to more than 5,000 attendees. He works both directly with clients and as a contractor with such services and Orange Photography and Man With A Cam. Being very flexible with both his schedule and approach, Chris is sometimes called with as little as one day’s notice and able to provide his services with a fast turnaround that his clients especially like.Chris also does product photography for advertising, and in particular has spent considerable time working for companies such as California Closets and Maykke, photographing their products and home interiors for their website, local, and national advertising.  He is very easy to work with, and people enjoy his professionalism, reliability, and dedication to his craft.
Call (415) 902-3565 or Contact Chris by email to schedule your professional photo shoot.